ecoCool X30 Energy Display Panel


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ecoCool X30 Energy Display Panel

The ecoCool/Victron X30 Energy Display Panel monitors, measures and controls how much or little solar you make, store and sell back to the energy grid.

Save 15-40% on your residential energy use.

The X30 Energy Display Panel allows you as an energy prosumer to easily visualise energy flows to, around, and from your home.  You can set the washing machine to run after the batteries are charged in the morning.  And you can carefully watch flows, when you are planning to go “off grid”, so that you can “beat the record” power use, and save yourself even more money.  It is also great if you just want to watch your power use, to save yourself on power bills.

colour control GX controller

Victron’s ColorGX Display Panel

Overview of Specification

  • NEW Technology to monitor & control home energy flows
  • Integrates with the K29 Energy Storage range, or your own Battery/victron Inverter/charger
  • Measures power created by your current Solar Inverter
  • High colour LCD Screen for energy flow status
  • Your own smartphone for efergy monitoring & power point wifi control


  • Supply Voltage: 9-70V dc (Color GX unit)
  • Battery Inverter Range: any victron Multiplus, Multigrid
  • IP rating: indoor use
  • Data Cables included
  • Electrical supply cables not included
  • Works with Victron VRM online Portal
  • Weight: 3kg


Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 26 × 17 × 5.5 cm