ecoCool K28L.9000-3.G.80, 8 KWh Lithium Battery System, 9000VA, 230Vac output


The ecoCool K28L.9000-3.G.80 is a 8 KWh Lithium Battery, designed to work with a 3Ph solar inverter for night & backup power: 9000VA, 3-Phase output.

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ecoCool K28L Lithium K28L 8 KWh, 9000VA 3-Ph Output Home Battery

The ecoCool K28L. Lithium Battery is an on & off-grid battery system, designed for night-time self consumption of 3 Phase solar, and for power backups during a blackout. It uses Australian made powerplus batteries with high quality Victron components, designed for Australian conditions.

Modular battery system: the K28L’s the best feature is that it can be expanded internally with 4KWh modules, to up to 16KWh. And with an external extension, up to 32KWh & higher. Module additions are readily available, and quick to install in the future. That allows for a small initial investment, expanded later when it is within the budget. 10 Years conditional warranty on battery modules.

Overview of Specification

  • Lithium Battery 8 KWh, 9000VA 3-Ph Output
  • 2400+ W
  • 230 Vac, 3Ph
  • Dimensions: 800mm x 400mm x 1025mm
  • Weight: 199kg
  • MPN: K28L.9000-3.G.80
  • Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LiFeP04 or LFP)
  • Battery Monitor wifi dashboard standard
  • Powerplus battery module 4KWh, 80% DOD

Product DatasheetNo DIY Electrical Work

Additional information

Weight 199 kg
Dimensions 80 × 40 × 102.5 cm

MPN (Part #)