Residential Battery: 5.8KWh K29 Battery | 3KVA Multiplus II Inverter | Venus Energy management


The PK15.04 package is an ecoCool K29 5.8KWh 48V home-battery, a Victron Multiplus II 3KVA interter-charger & Victron Venus GX energy controller.  Nominal energy supplied at night: 5.8KWh (11.5KWh max); Nominal power output of 2400W, (5500W max); Installation time: 5-7 hours for your electrician.  For homes with existing solar systems.

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5.8KWh Battery, Inverter & Energy Display

This Residential Battery Package suits medium sized households (4-5 people) with 4+ KW of existing solar, already using 15-30KWh of electrical power per day.  The PK015-04 system has a 5.8KWh nom. / 11.5KWh max. high-tech AGM battery, with a Victron Energy battery inverter-charger & wifi-enabled monitoring & control device.  It is designed to recharge the battery from your solar system during the day, then discharge into your home power system at night.  That means maximum self-consumption of solar power – and a minimised electricity bills.

Solar Residence operating on battery power at night

The PK15.04 System Includes:

PK15.03 Battery-inverter Package

Install-ready | lower power & installer cost | with upgrade options

ecoCool does an energy analysis of your home, and we do an installation plan for your electrician.  That assists you to beat the rising costs of electricity, by having a system adapted to maximise solar usage, and minimise grid power, saving you the most money.  We supply the installation package and drawing to you, ready for your electrician to install, with minimum installation time & cost.

(ecoCool can also source & manage the installation on your behalf.  We are on hand to provide technical advice for your installer and for you, after the installation.)

Best of all, ecoCool’s Victron energy inverter systems are UPGRADE READY: they can be configured for much larger batteries, or different battery chemistries like lithium, flow & new technologies.

Ask about optional installation products:

  • IP rated water-resistant inverter enclosure
  • Upgrade to the Victorn ColorGX display panel with colour screen
  • Add Cat5 Cabling, additional wiring
  • Add a hot water system relay, or load switching relays
  • Add another power source like a generator
  • Add additional DC coupled Solar power for homes on high FIT rates (connected to your battery)
  • Programming the Multiplus for backup power or off-grid options
  • Buy now, pay later with Brighte

* 5-10 days to despatch.

Ask About Advice & Installation Options: 07 5525 5964

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Weight 235 kg
Dimensions 600 × 600 × 1200 cm