ecoCool K28 Remote Equipment Power Station 200-1000W


The ecoCool K28 Basic Remote Equipment Station is designed so 240V equipment can be plugged into power, anywhere. It has a Day/Week Timer and batteries.

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K28 Basic Remote Equipment Power

with Solar / Day Week Timer

The K28 Basic remote solar equipment power station enables 240V equipment to be plugged into 240V AC power, on remote sites. The Day/Week Timer drives a relay to switch power on and off up to 6 times daily, with multiple configurable weekly programs. Perfect for remote pumps, scientific equipment, or solar powered lighting and remote equipment.

Connect loads up to 400 watts, with potential power consumption of up to 1.1kWH per day, per solar panel. Your equipment can maintain operation overnight: up to 0.25kWH of battery power.

Overview of Specification

Microprocessor driven Timer Relays: 1 x Relays, driving Inverter on/off
Programmable timer/Schedules: Day/Week programs
Battery Storage: 20Ah
Max persistent Power available: 300W/ 400W/
Peak Power available (Briefly): 700W/ 900W/
Max daily power available: 0.75kW to 5.3kW
Power: (Plug/Skt) 230V AC / 50Hz | 12/24Vdc
Standard (User Supplied) Pole: 89×2 SHS (89mm Square)
Solar Panel Angle (30° Std): 20/30/40/X Degrees †
Solar Panel Sizes: 150/ 270/ 540/ 810/ 1060W
Corrosion Resistant Hardware: Galvanised Steel, Stainless Steel Enclosure & hardware Optional
Product Weight: 20 – 30kg

Enclosure sizes to fit your equipment:

  • 500h x 400w x 200d
  • 500h x 500w x 250d
  • 700h x 500w x 250d
  • 800h x 600w x 250d
  • 1000h x 600w x 250d

Refer to the product brochure for configurations available:

** Note :- 2-3 Week Lead time to deliver.

Additional information

Weight 35 kg
Dimensions 170 × 99 × 25 cm

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