Battery Backup Power

The K28 range of Backup & Remote power supplies works to supply normal power to a home circuit/s when the grid is working, and then backup battery power, when the grid goes down.

How ecoCool’s K28 Backup Power Units work: backup one or more house circuits

Have a quick look at these K28 backup power units:

The key specifications are: (See our Energy FAQ for details)

  • 1600 (VA) = about 1.6KW max battery inverter output, limit of electrical loads on a circuit
  • 6KWh = 6 hours of 1KW electrical load, output, an average household’s evening’s load
  • The larger the unit, the more household circuits it could backup or supply
  • The lithium battery versions (K28L) double as Backup Power and On-grid batteries, allowing solar self-consumption at night