FAQ Solar Cooling System

“How does ecoCool’s solar cooling system work?”

ecoCool’s Solar mini-Chiller operates on 24 volts dc, from Solar panels, using battery battery backup and from an optional backup transformer on 230V. The system selects the best mix of power for the day. That means you can always have efficient solar cooling, it is just like a normal ducted system, just much cheaper to operate. Its operationally the same to a standard ducted system, only Cheaper, and SAVES THE ENVIRONMENT.

“How much cheaper is ecoCool’s system, compared to standard A/C?”

For commercial users who use ducted air conditioning every day, the cost of ownership will be far less over time. The cost to purchase and operate ecoCool’s system is 23% cheaper by year 3. Our system is 34% cheaper by year 5. And a whopping 48% cheaper by year 5. And the savings just keep adding up over time: ecoCool’s system simply saves you money.

“Why not simply use Solar panels and an air conditioner?”

Usually, time of use of air conditioning and solar insolation do not correspond, so much of the solar panel output is not optimised (e.g. it might be sold under low FIT tariffs), while when the power for cooling is really needed, it must be taken from the grid.  ecoCool’s system adjusts the system output, tracks solar insolation, and stores some cooling power in the “thermal energy store”, for later use, thus smooths out the differences between solar power generated, and power used to cool.

“What about lower CO2 usage?”

We all know that carbon dioxide is responsible for unsafe warming of planet Earth. ecoCool’s system will use about 80% less coal or gas generated power from the grid, than a standard ducted system. If you have a renewable energy source for your power, you may use even less. Do you part, purchase and install an E10.220 solar ducted cooling system.