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How to set up your SMA Web Portal for Solar Inverters

SMA Sunny Boy energy solar inverter

SMA make good Inverters. But they don’t make it particularly easy to understand how to setup their Solar Inverters like the Sunnyboy, on the internet portal, so that you can monitor your solar PV installation, and ensure their inverter is working well. Here’s how to set up the SMA Web Portal with your inverter.

SMA Sunny Portal Webconnect Sunny places

Sunny places (for users)
• Sunny places, is a “community” of other users, for comparison
• Plan & simulation of theoretical systems
• Review monitor own system
Sunny portal (for users and installers)
• Is a PV site monitoring web application
• Can be used by users or installer/professionals
• As a “professional package”, it allows solar professionals to monitor clients’ PV systems
• As a “user package”, it allows you to monitor up to 4 inverters
• It provides graphical analysis of inverter/energy management

Webconnect (technology allowing connection to internet)

• This is effectively the internal device software, which allows connection via wifi, or LAN (Ethernet), allowing connection of the device to the Sunny Portal or Sunny Places

Next, I will show you how to connect a Sunny Boy inverter with built-in WiFi to a local wireless network