K28 + E30 Package

The K28L.1600.G.30, for as little as $6724:

1.6KVAPower output    (What is a KVA?)
3KWhLithium Battery (What is a KWh?)
2-3 circuitsBacked up circuits (What is a Circuit?)
10-40% savingsSaved power (See our calculations)
After something with more power or storage? Try K28L.1600.G.60, or K28L.3000.G.60

3 ways to own the K28L.1600.G.30+E30:

Buy & self install$6,724Incl GST
Buy & we install*$7,604 Total$3,042.6040% Dep, Bal. on Del.
Brighte financed & We install**$7,604 Total$1,520.8020% Dep, Bal. via Brighte
Want a lower cost model? Try: K28.1200.G.29, or K28.1600.G.48

We work with Brighte, they can offer Green Loans: