K32A Lithium Battery

K32A Ongrid/Offgrid + Backup Power System

ecoCool’s K32A Lithium Battery Systemis a complete, Lithium Energy Storage System (ESS) for your home.  The K32 battery allows you to store solar energy during the day for use at night and as backup power.  Upgradable in 5KWh modules, in a neat outdoor enclosure.

Why go with K32a Lithium Battery

  • High Quality Lithium Battery
  • Upgradable in 5KWh modules
  • IP Rated Enclosure IP54
  • Quality Victron Inverters, Cerbo GX, Victron Display options
  • Generator inlet, 10/15A Plug Outlet
  • External Access DC isolators & AC breakers
  • Energy Management dash boards: E30 / Victron Touch
  • Designed & Assembled in Australia
  • MPPT included standard
  • Victron ecosystem options

Have a look at these K32 ongrid power units:


Datasheet-3-5KVA K32A


Energy terminology explained here: Energy FAQ (for VA vs KW vs KWh)

Quality Components:

  • Victron MultiplusII Inverter/Charger
  • Victron Cerbo GX Controller
  • Victron Solar MPPT (150/45 Smart)
  • Vaulta 5KWh Lithium Battery
  • ecoCool E30 Dashboard Options
  • Victron ecosystem options

The Sustainable Revolution

EcoCool Pty Ltd, based on the Gold Coast, Queensland, specializes in off-grid systems, energy product design, and manufacturing, with a mission for a Sustainable Revolution by providing global access to lower-cost, high-value energy generation, storage, and management products in energy management, connected devices (IoT), habitation envelope management, and AI-driven perfect energy management.