Plasmatronics PLS2 External shunt adapter


Plasmatronics PLS2 External shunt adaptor (shielded data cable W/X/Y/Z-S NOT included).

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PLS2 External Shunt Adapter Plasmatronics. Made in Australia, Discount off RRP, Fast delivery Australia and Globally. ecoCool specialises in manufacture and supply of solar cooling and related products.”;”

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Up to two external shunts can be added to PL20/40/60 Solar Charge Controllers to allow them it to measure larger currents than it is capable of measuring directly.

The PLS2 shunt adapter is designed for use with PL series solar charge controllers. It allows the controller to measure charge or
load currents which do not go though the controller. This allows inverter or generator currents to be included in the controller’s

For example, the SH200shunt adaptor measures the current in a shunt, converts it to digital information and sends that information back to the PL.

Note: Used with PL series controllers.  Shielded data cable W/X/Y/Z-S not included.

Supply Voltage: 10-100V
Current Range: +/- 250A / 1A steps
Auto range change
Temp -20 to 70C
Dimensions: Approx ~ 75 x 25 x 30mm
Weight: 0.6kg
Model: PLS2
Suits PL20 / PL40 / PL60 Charge Controllers.


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Weight0.25 kg
Dimensions8 x 3.5 x 3 cm