K32C AGM Battery 2.9KWh, 1200VA UPS


On-grid Backup, UPS & Remote Power: K32C AGM Battery 2.9KWh, 1200VA UPS

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ecoCool K32C AGM Battery 2.9KWh, 1200VA UPS


  • Backup+Remote Power 1.2-8KVA output
    24-48V dc & 230 Vac output, 1 phase power (3ph available)
    For on-grid backup, UPS and remote power applications
    Compact & neat metal enclosure,
    quick to install
    ecoCool options: generator transfer, telemetry and control
    Advanced Lead Carbon battery
    Battery Monitor standard, wifi GX & dashboard optional


  • High Quality AGM Batteries
  • Durable IP Rated Enclosure IP54
  • Quality Victron Inverters, Cerbo GX, BMV
  • Energy Management dash boards: E30 / Victron Touch Available
  • Designed & Assembled in Australia
  • UPS changeover maintains computers
  • Victron ecosystem options
  • Designed/Assembled in Australia
  • Warranty: 5/10 Years


DrawingNo DIY Electrical Work

Additional information

Weight 103 kg
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 30 cm

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