Off-grid Solar System, 22.4KW Solar, 30KVA 3-Phase Inverter, 60+KWh Battery PK18.23


The PK18.23 Off-grid system, contains a 30KVA 3-Phase Inverter.Charger, 60KWh+ Lithium Battery, 22.4KW Solar Panels

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Off-grid Solar System, 22.8KW Solar, 30KVA 3-Phase Inverter.Charger, 60+KWh Lithium Battery


For a Large sized or commercial 3-Phase residence, using about 45+KWh/day:

  • 30KVA 3-Phase Victron MultiplusII Inverter-Chargers (generator input)
  • 22.4KW Trina Solar Panels (10 year Product/25 year Output warranty)
  • 23.2KW Max Output Victron 450v MPPT
  • 60+KWh GenZ Lithium batteries (expandable 3KWh modules, 10 year 80% warranty)
  • Cube container, (2.1m3) or custom installation options
  • High Quality cables, fuses, controllers and off-grid signage & documentation
  • Self-installed*, ecoCool installed**, or Local Partner installed***

We can supply Victron 3-phase solar/battery systems up to 90KVA, and larger systems by request.  GenZ lithium batteries are scalable in rack mounted units, providing 48V or higher banks, to support larger systems.  We use Fronius and SMA inverters for AC coupled solar off grid, as well as Victron and other solar controllers.

* Self-installed, but within limits set by local rules, including all electrical work by qualified sparky    ** ecoCool install: Price of system, plus install, minus rebate cost, call for quote    *** Partner install, buy, then we can assist them to install, issue you rebate if applicable

PK18.23 Off grid system

PK18.23 Off grid system

Warranties, Terms & Conditions:

For design, supply and project management: Deposit 10% to complete system design, or as quoted. Installation options as above, or as quoted. If applicable, ecoCool will obtain the RECS rebate on your behalf, and pay you. For estimate of the RECS rebate see, certificate value is variable: historically $35-38. Solar Rebate requires CEC approved off-grid installer, with off-grid accreditation. See

Warranty – to be standard Manufacturers Warranty: 5+5 years for Fronius Inverters & 5 years for Victron, 5/10 years for lithium batteries (cycle life warranty), 10yr Product /25yr Output for Trina panels, or see Warranties details of specific product. See final quotes for Terms & Conditions of supply of equipment and installations. All 240V AC work to be completed by a qualified electrician (NOT DIY), except as allowed by local rules.

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Or you can send us your details, and we offer free off-grid residence analysis, with a detailed load analysis, before you buy.


* Approx. 5-10 days lead-time

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No DIY Electrical Work