ecoCool K28 Paragon – Remote IoT Equipment Power


The K28 Paragon remote solar equipment power station is IoT enabled. It allows you to power, control and remotely monitor your equipment via the internet.

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K28 ParagonTM – Remote (IoT) Equipment Power Station

with Solar / LoRaWAN

The K28 ParagonTM remote solar equipment power station is IoT (Internet of Things) enabled. You can monitor, control or even maintain your remote electrical equipment via an internet connection, over the IoT LoRaWAN* network in Australia. (* LoRaWAN – Long Range Wide Area Network)

Connect loads up to 800 watts, with power consumption of of as little as 0.4kWH per day, to 1.1kWH per day, per solar panel. Your equipment can maintain operation overnight: up to 0.5kWH of battery power.


  • Network / Frequency: LoRaWAN / 915Mhz
  • Transceiver Range: Up to 15km (Ext Ant.)
  • Control system programming: Mobile Phone Wifi I/face
  • Data access to the controller: Via internet
  • Microprocessor driven Relays: 3 x Relays, 3 Amps max.
  • Programmable timer/Schedules: Day/Week programs
  • Standard Sensors: 1 x Amb. Temp. / Light
  • Programmable Sensors: 5 x 1-10V inputs
  • Battery Storage: 20 – 80Ah
  • Max persistent Power available: 150W/ 260W/ 560W/ 850W
  • Peak Power available (Briefly): 350W/ 700W/ 1500W/ 2200W
  • Max daily power available: 0.4kW to 5.3kW
  • Safety: Optional safety switch
  • Power: (Hard wired or Plug/Skt) 230V AC / 50Hz | 12/24Vdc
  • Standard (User Supplied) Pole: 50NB (60.3mm)
  • Solar Panel Angle (30° Std): 20/30/40/X Degrees †
  • Solar Panel Sizes: 80/ 150/ 270/ 540/ 810/ 1060W
  • Corrosion Resistant Hardware: Galvanised Steel
  • Product Weight: 20 – 30kg
  • Enclosure sizes to fit your equipment:

    • 500h x 400w x 200d
    • 500h x 500w x 250d
    • 700h x 500w x 250d
    • 800h x 600w x 250d
    • 1000h x 600w x 250d

    Refer to the product brochure for configurations available:

    ** Note – 5 Week Lead time to deliver.

Additional information

Weight 32 kg
Dimensions 170 × 100 × 250 cm