Energy Products & Install Advice

Most of the general advice ecoCool provides people who call us falls into 2 basic categories:

  1. How do I “solve this problem” (e.g.: I have a solar installation, and I wish to add batteries)
  2. What is the best product choice for “my home / situation”.

ecoCool offers general advice if you are looking to purchase products, or even if you have a product that we already sell and would like to know what is wrong with it, or how you use it properly.  Call us on 07 5525 5964, and we can assist.  If you want to send a detailed question, use our contact form.

Over the next few months till early 2019, we will post more and more “general advice” articles, here.  Just search for the advice you are looking for, or email us and if we can, we will post an article in answer to a common question, for example “Who makes the best solar inverter?”.   (answer coming shortly…)