ecoCool K29 Home Solar Battery System 5.8KWh


The K29.29.20 Solar Battery System is a complete, low cost Energy Storage System (ESS) for homes, with a 100% DOD, 2.9KWh battery and 2000W nominal power.

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ecoCool K29 Solar Battery System

The K29 Home Energy Storage System is a complete, low cost Energy Storage System (ESS) for homes. The K29 battery allows you to maximise self-consumption of your own solar generated power.

With the K29, your solar can recharge the K29 during the day, and instead of selling solar power at low FIT rates, you can self-consume your own solar power at night. 

When you maximise self-consumption of solar, on a low Feed-in tariff, you can maximise free solar energy use, and minimise higher priced power use, saving you money. 

Powered by high quality Victron AGM batteries. Join the energy revolution.


  • Nominal Voltage: 48V dc
  • Capacity: 120Ah
  • Battery Chemistry: AGM High discharge
  • Depth of Discharge:100%
  • Cycles: 1250+
  • Standards: AS2676.2
  • Rated for Outdoors: IP66


  • Nom. Capacity: 2.9KWh
  • Nom. Power: 2000W
  • 625h x 600w x 300d
  • Weight: 143kg

Refer to the product brochure for options: Lockable door, S/Steel enclosure; Colorbond Enclosure, entries.


** 5-10 days to despatch.

Additional information

Weight 143 kg
Dimensions 625 × 60 × 30 cm

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