Victron MultiPlus 48/1200/13-16 Inverter-Charger


The Victron MultiPlus 48/1200/13-16 Inverter-Charger is a 48V battery inverter-charger, 13A battery charging, 1200VA output: for off grid or vehicle use.

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Victron MultiPlus 48/1200/13-16 Inverter-Charger

The Victron Multiplus 48/1200/13 Inverter-Charger is an off grid, 1200VA (1KW) output, battery inverter-charger. Designed to be coupled with another input power source, for off-grid, or marine use). Victron Energy has designed the Multiplus range with Power Assist (up to 16A), generator input, and the ability to supply power, even when the power input goes down. Multiple units can be paralleled for higher output.  Ideal for use with ecoCool’s K29 Paragon 2.9KWh Solar battery, or ecoCool’s K29 Paragon 4.3KWh Solar Battery.

Overview of Specification

  • Victron Multiplus 48/1200/13 Inverter-Charger
  • Voltage: 48V Dc
  • Power: 1200VA
  • 1000Wp Max Output (1200VA)
  • 13A Max Battery charging
  • 16A Max input current & Switch-throughput current
  • Off Grid, or isolatoted use


  • IP Rating: IP22
  • Efficiency: 94%
  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • 8.2kg
  • 406x250x100mm
  • VE Bus x 1

Brochure/Manufacturer’s WebsiteNo DIY Electrical Work

Additional information

Weight 8.2 kg
Dimensions 40.6 × 25 × 10 cm

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