Off-grid Solar System, 5KVA Inverter, 5KW Solar, 17.2KWh Battery


The PK18.05 Off-grid Solar Battery system is a kit containing a Victron 5KVA Inverter.Charger, 5KW of Trina 330W Solar panels, a Victron 250/85 Smartsolar MPPT, 17.2KWh of Powerhouse Lead Carbon batteries, with advanced GX controller.

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Off-grid Solar Battery System – 5KVA Inverter.Charger, 5KW Solar, 17.2KWh Battery


For a medium sized residence, using about 12KWh/day:

  • 5KVA Victron MultiplusII Inverter-Charger (generator input)
  • 5KW Trina Solar Panels (10 year/25 year warranty)
  • 17.2KWh Lead-Carbon batteries (extended life over AGM)
  • High Quality cables, fuses, controllers and off-grid signage/documentation
  • We locate a local installer, assist you to get solar rebates, and offer free support for 1 year

What you get when you buy this package:


PK18.05 Off-grid system

ecoCool’s perfectly balanced and tuned systems are the product of our work with you, to:

  1. Take your electrical loads as you plan to live, and define the energy storage and generation needed,
  2. Creative thought about those loads, to diminish, alternatively power, or shifted them to optimum generation times
  3. And application of the Australian Standards rules to provide a system perfectly balanced to those constraints.

Start now with a 35% deposit, and we will start the system design process:

  • First step: ecoCool reviews your loads, to ensure you have the right system
  • Second step: we supply the right system as an install package to you
  • Third step: we get your system installed by the right installer, and get your rebates refunded to you (you pay the installer)

If you are ready to go, just “Add to Cart”, and checkout.  We will be in touch to start the process.

Or you can send us your details, and we offer free off-grid residence analysis, with a detailed load analysis, before you buy.

* Approx. 5-7 days lead-time

Ask About Advice & Installation Options: 07 5525 5964

No DIY Electrical Work

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