ecoCool K28 1KW Remote Power Station


The ecoCool K28 1KW Remote Power Station Remote Power: The K28.15.10 is designed to provide remote equipment power from 1.5KW of solar panels and supply up to 1KW (1.2KVA) remote equipment power.

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ecoCool K28 1KW Remote Power Station

The K28 Remote Equipment Power Station is a Solar Powered, standalone power station. You can supply power to and set daily run timings for remote electrical equipment from 1KW up to 6.5kW. (3 phase also available.) The K28 range contains durable Victron Phoenix inverters and Bluesolar MPPT solar controllers. The solar mounting frame is highly durable galvanised steel. Options: larger sized electrical enclosures, Stainless Steel enclosures, keyed locks, custom mounting frame dimensions & angle. (Solar Panels not included in supply.)

Overview of Specification

  • Victron DC MPPT Charge Controller
  • Solar Voltage: 120V Dc
  • Output Voltage: 230V ac
  • Power: 1000W Nom / 2400W Max.
  • 1500Wp Max PV
  • Victron Phoenix 1200VA Inverter
  • 2400W Max, 1.2KVA, 1000W Nom.


  • Enclosure IP Rating: IP66
  • Efficiency: 95%
  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • Warranty: 10 years on Mounting frame
  • Self Installation of frame

Brochure/Manufacturer’s WebsiteNo DIY Electrical Work

Additional information

Weight 65 kg
Dimensions 61 × 61 × 75 cm

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